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Tuition and Financial Aid


School tuition is paid according to the academic year which runs from September to June. Ten (10) months per year.

Tuition must be paid during the full ten (10) months and corresponds to the grade of the student.

Tuition payments are due the first day of the month; however, HFA grants families a 15-day grace period for submitting payments. All payments done after the 15th day will have a late fee charge of 5% of the corresponding fee per every month late.

Tuition fees do not include registration fee, book fees, uniforms, or any extra classes.

SCHOOL  FEES  2023-2024


Elementary School: Pre-K to 5th. $ 200

Middle School and High School: 6th to 11th. $ 300  

High School: 12th $ 100


  •  Ten (10) equal payments during the academic year from September to June.
  •  Payments must be done the first day of every month.

Pre-K to 8th
9th – 12th
College Program
$   450
$   540
$   600

  • One full payment on September 1st.  
  • Discount of 10% .

Fee must be paid in one full transaction and before due date in order to be able to receive the 10% discount.

Year discount does not apply for College Program.

Pre-K to 8th
9th – 11th
College Program
$   4,500
$   5,400
   $   6,000     
Payments received after due date will not receive any discount and must be paid in full.

Please note:

  • Students receiving financial aid or scholarship awards from the school are not able to choose payment Plan - Year
  • Family Discount and Tuition Assistance Program does not apply for College Program
Click here to download School Fees and Payment Plans Terms and Conditions.

Payments can be done as follows:  
  • Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer:
Account name: Holy Family Academy
Account number: 000755780
Account name: Holy Family Academy
Account number: 10362359

*Please make checks payable to: Holy Family Academy

NOTE: If your bank account belongs to a different bank, please make a direct deposit to Scotiabank.

Click here to know how to make and report your payment.

Financial Aid

Holy Family Academy offers Family Discounts and Financial Aid to families in need.  Please see our programs below.

Family Discounts
HFA offers a family discount for families with more than one sibling in the school.
Discounts apply from the oldest sibling to the youngest and are distributed as follows:
1st Child: Full Tuition.
2nd Child: 25% discount.
3rd Child: 50% discount.  

4th Child: 75% discount.

5th Child: 100% discount.

Tuition Assistance Program                                                          
A Tuition Assistance Program is in place to assist families in serious financial need. Funds are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. All families who hope to receive financial assistance from Holy Family Academy must complete an application every year. The Admissions Committee will review the applications and notify families of approval or denial.

*Conditions Apply.
**Family Discount and Tuition Assistance Program does not apply for College Program.

Holy Family Academy Catholic School.
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