Wish List

Holy Family Academy's Wish List

Welcome to the Holy Family Academy Wish List!

This is an ever-changing list where we ask for donations such as school supplies and other resources to help us with everything from fun activities like Sports Day to everyday needs like printer paper to help us give our students the best learning experience we can. Each donation, no matter how big or small, is always welcomed and greatly appreciated by our staff and students!

3 tricycles
18 Office chairs
Anchor Chart Paper
Crayons and markers
Digital science lab balances
Double sided tape
Folder leaf
Glue sticks
Graphing calculators
Large world map
Magazine holders
Office cabinet with storage
Outdoor changeable letter board 48 X 32"
Outdoor Speaker system and microphone
Pencil erasers
Plastic tongs for children
Sharpie markers, assorted colors
Sheet protectors
Sticky notes
Thumb tacks
Toner or ink refill for Canon image runner ADVANCE c5255
Wood filing cabinet